I know what most of you are all thinking, whaaaaaat?,there is benefits to being selfish? No way!!!!!!, what can you possibly  get out of thinking about yourself without hurting those around you. My philosophy in life has always been, “you are no good to anyone if you are no good to yourself”. As young adults  I find that we take on too much, such as family responsibilities, social commitments, school activities, and even work. What ends up happening is we burn ourselves out….. well at least that’s what I realized for myself. I realized that this pedestal that I was trying to build for myself now, was falling apart and those around me were not benefiting from me. I came to terms that I wanted not only to be great now but I wanted to be great later on for those I care for.

I become the craftsman in my life and take the tools to build this pedestal so that it’s not only strong enough to hold me but to hold those I care for. I started to implement a system in which I would work on myself while helping others. For example, every time someone asked me for help with something, I would look and see if I’m struggling in that same area as well ( It can be a simple as helping them organized their house for spring cleaning). Because remember, “you are no good to anyone if you are no good to yourself”.Most of us are quick to say yes to someone’s request,but I am here to let you know there is no shame in saying NO that quickly as well. Below is my list of the seven benefit I found in being selfish in the past couple of months.

  • You Become More Organized:

Because when you stop worrying about someone’s else mess, you begin to notice your own.

  • You Save Money:

This is simple. Since you’re not out as often, you tend to leave your money where it needs to be and spend it on things you really need or EVEN want. ….(side note)….Stop keeping up with the Jones’ cause they don’t even know.

  • You Accomplish Your Goals Quicker:

Once a part of that pedestal of yours is done, you tend to want to move on to the next step. Let’s be honest, who wants to stay at the bronze stepping stool forever. Aim for silver while keeping your eyes on the gold.

  • You Break Bad Habits Quicker:

You now have more time to analyze all those little quirks and habits you haven’t been able to attend to. This could be giving yourself an earlier bedtime so that you are well rested for your days ahead. Remember we are not robots, any habits whether good or bad will start to show in our psyche, body, and soul.

  • You Allow New Experience In:

Due to the time you have given yourself, you may learn that an aspect of your interest has changed, but don’t be alarmed!!!! it just means that you’re are human and you’re evolving.

  • You Become Self Aware:

With self awareness you become self accepting; there is no business like your business.

  • You Learn To Say NO:

Because saying YES is still an option, but NO might be what you need today to build that pedestal for a better YES.

I really hope you enjoyed reading this article as much as I did writing it.  If you have any questions, comments, and or ideas regarding this topic please leave me a comment. I love learning from others.  As well as if you have anything to add  I would love to hear from you; you never know who you can help.

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