As many of you all know by now following my blog  I don’t wear much jewelry. I mean I put  the occasional rings here and there to give a little pop to my outfits, but aside from that I tend to be very minimalistic— (is that even a word)  when I accessorize.

I legit struggle between doing my makeup or hair each and every morning, and usually opt-out on makeup and brush my hair. Truthfully I never got into the contouring phase that was in the makeup scene. I seriously couldn’t be bothered with that, taking 45 minutes to do makeup was never on my life plan. Matter of fact getting dressed like an adult wasn’t part of it either, but we must choose our battles as we age (lol). Aside from all that I manage to put some simple looks together that can go from day to night during the weekend. I paired the three looks with heels, or wedge heels, but you can totally wear them with flats shoes. All the looks are on a BUDGET too (Now you all know BUDGET is my FAV current word when it comes to shopping).

Hope you enjoy the looks. Leave a comment and let me know which one was your favorite. If you have any ideas on how the looks could have been done differently let me know.

As always thank you for stopping by and see you all next week.




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