Tru Aesthetica- Vitamin Infusion Skin Treatment

Hello everyone and welcome back to The Selfish Column. If this is your first time here, thank you for stopping by. This week I wanted to come to you and speak more about my skincare and discuss some of the treatments I have done in the month of October.

In the beginning of October I visited Tru Aesthetica here in Calgary for a little skin love. The Technician who I worked with made the process so much fun and informative. After discussing my skin concerns with her, she suggested that I try the Environ Vitamin Infusion Facial. Before I speak on this treatment, I think is best I provide you guys with my skin concerns so that you can get a better context of why chose this treatment.

Vitamin A provides so many great benefits to the skin, such as healthy skin cells, fighting acne, anti-aging, and even skin tone.

As I have mentioned before I live in Calgary, which happens to be a super dry climate; great for hairstyling but awful for the skin. If you are not the type to stay hydrated or moisturized, your skin can freakout on you. I complain about my oily t-zone quite often, but despite all of that I still prefer having a dewy skin over dry skin any day. Since the weather is dry all year round here, my skin can sometime feel, ashy, or dehydrated. I asked (Tammie) the skin technician if she can bring the glow, youthfulness and life back to my face.

Vitamin C is found in your outer layer and in the inner layer of your skin. Keeping up with your vitamin C intake helps with providing beautiful healthy skin. This is due to the fact collagen productions stem from vitamin C.

As per her suggestions she decided to create tailored treatment for my skin using Environ Vitamin Infusion A, C, and E. Along with the selected vitamins, she also used specialized serums, witch hazel, and tea-tree ingredient to help with delivering the maximum result. If you click on the video you can watch Tammie discuss the type of products she used on my skin.

After the treatment my skin felt plumped, radiant, hydrated and refreshed. I decided to let the treatment settle in before wearing any makeup, this meant going to work makeup free. To my surprise, people noticed how nourished my skin looked and I received lots of compliments on it. To me, that is the ultimate skin goal.

Vitamin E is vital in fighting skin damage caused by the sun and assists with preventing darks spots and wrinkles.

Thank you for getting this far on the blog post. If you have any questions about this treatment or would like to book an appointment with Tru Aesthetica please click on link or visit their Instagram page. They currently have 30% off on first time consultation/treatment.

Hope you enjoyed this article, until next time Selfish Readers.


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