Five Adult Professional Relationships You Need Now!

Hello everyone and welcome back to The Selfish Column. Today we’re talking about five types of people you need in your life as an adult. These are actually a list of occupations that I compiled with the help of a really good friend. When he listed these, it had me thinking about how much it makes sense. The main reason, of course, is because I didn’t have these skills but saw the importance of them. The way my life is moving and the struggles I endured in my past made me realize how much I appreciate people in these professions. I found that these were crucial life skills we need in our adulthood, but since not all of us are fortunate to possess these skills, it doesn’t hurt to ask for help. You don’t necessarily need close friendships with people in these fields, but rather a person you can turn to when you need answers. Remember these professions are governed by their own laws so Google may not have all the answers to your questions.

How many of us have had a problem with our cars and thought it was minor, only to leave the mechanic shop feeling defeated and POOR? I have gone through some real crap with my cars and hated my life for it. After many years of these difficult lessons, I decided to not only learn more about the vehicles I purchase but to build a relationship with someone that knows my cars and my car choices.

Financial Planner
This is so personal, I can honestly say that I never took money management seriously until I moved out on my own. The concept of it has always been something people avoid talking about until shit hits the fan. But as I got older I realized the only way I can get ahead of this is to tackle my own issues and build a relationship with the one place that I do keep my money in, and that is my bank.

Real Estate Agent
I am a renter but a few of my friends are in a phase in which they are either becoming homeowners or looking for specific locations for renting. What I learned from this is that building a concrete relationship with someone in the real estate field makes your search so much easier. Myself and like many of us in this generation are busy bodies. Having someone that knows your taste and can scout places for you when you are not able to can cut down time on unnecessary meet ups.

Healthcare Physician
Let’s be honest, how many times have you looked up your symptoms on Google and thought you were gonna die if you took your next breath (ok maybe it’s just me)? Having a relationship with someone that understands your health and your future health can be so beneficial in many ways than you think. When I first moved away from home I had to go to walk-in clinics whenever I got sick and always met with different doctors even if it was a follow-up appointment. I became so frustrated with the process that it truly made me appreciate the security my parents gave me by appointing a family doctor.

Maaaaan, this is becoming so relevant to my life. Just last year I went through a situation in which it cost me $1500. It all could have been avoided if I had done the transaction legally and not just through word of mouth (aka trusting). I am not saying that you need a lawyer for everything but it is important to have a positive relationship with someone that understands the law. Having someone that knows the law can also be helpful when you are at a point in your life when you are getting married, buying a home or even starting a business.

I hope you enjoyed the list, if you have more to add to this topic I would love to hear from you guys in the comment section. This is just a list of relationships I have learned to appreciate since moving out on my own.

Thank you for stopping by The Selfish Column, hope you have a great week.



Back To School Makeup Essentials For The Girl On A Budget– Dark Skin Addition.

Hi everyone and welcome back to The Selfish Column. I know what you’re all thinking, where the heck have I been? Truthfully, there is no excuse other than I have been living and working. I want to first say thank you to everyone that has supported me thus far and continue to support me on all my social media outlets. As you can see from the title I am here to talk about my everyday makeup guide. Please know that what works for me may not work for you. To be honest I was not planning to write about this seeing how I have always talked about my lack of makeup skills (I wasn’t trying to get roasted ya’ll —- The internet is savage)…….. BUT since a number of you guys have asked me to talk about the basics for my on the go look, of course, I had to share. Ironically, my favorite items are mostly drugstore products which I find gives me that finished look. I have listed my favourite six items below.

Drugstore Makeup List:




 Essence Waterproof Brown Eyeliner in the Color 02 But First, Espresso: 
back ti 3
I actually use this to color on my eyebrows before I highlight them. This works for my eyebrow hairs compared to other darker colors and blends well with my skin. Believe it or not, I also use this to highlight my cheekbones and my nose when I feel like being fancy on a budget (It’s real out here people LOL).


Essence Kajal Pencil in the Color 01 Black:  
back to 2
I use this color for my eyeliner. For my skin tone, this is a perfect black eyeliner. It is dark enough when I first apply it without the need to go over my eyelids twice. You definitely get more use from this product because you don’t have to apply it over and over again for it to show. When I say it’s black it’s BLACK ladies… (cue Tupac).

Rimmel London Scandal Eyes Mascara:

back to 6
This mascara works wonders on my none existent eyelashes. This mascara is dual sided and not only volumizes my lashes but lengthens them as well. Listen if you know the struggles of these lashes of my mine, this is a miracle mascara.
Essence Longlasting Lipstick in the Color 28:
back to 5
I just love nude lipstick, how can you not. Nude color lips are so easy to transition from day to night and goes well with any outfit. This lipstick is so long lasting that I find that I can get away with applying it once. As a woman with such “voluptuous” lips, I find that this color enhances this feature without overdoing it. This is not your typical nude color lipstick only because it has a very brown undertone. This color comes out very natural on my lips and compliments my skin. I love mixing this color with NYX Liquid Cream.
Essence Long Lasting Lipliner in the Color 02 Hot Chocolate: 
back to 1
This color gives me LIFE. This brown chocolate liner goes so well with so many of my nude “lippies” that it has become an essential. BUT, the number one reason why I love this lip liner is that I also use it as my eyebrow color. YES people, you read correct, I use this as brow liner. Three bucks can go a long way on The Selfish Column!!!
NYX Liquid/Cream Lipstick in the Color 07: 
back to 4
Not gonna lie, I fell onto this color. I received it as a gift and was somewhat hesitant to use it. It took me few weeks to start using it but when I did (HOLY) this has become glued to me. I adore this color, it has become my go to liquid lip cream. I use this literally daily!!! I just love love love this color. NYX has been killing the game.
Well, ladies and gents I hope you enjoyed my list for my go to makeup essentials for all your in between needs. Please know this is just the basic in makeup products that people use on a daily. My goal was to bring something that is affordable and still get’s the job done. Seeing that back to school shopping is coming up I thought these six items would be perfect for the students that are on a budget and living that campus life. Please comment and share your thoughts on these items I love hearing what other people are using out there. Have a great day my loves.

Pretty In Pink & All Bandaged Up

As every woman knows, there is nothing like dressing up and going out with your girls or that special someone.  With the help of Trezzi Collection and their beautiful dresses, I was able to put something together for that special occasion. This lovely pale pink dress with a hint of nude makes me feel all kinds of sexy. If you know me, you KNOW that the color pink and I don’t get along. But after laying my eyes on this dress I immediately fell in love. How could you not???????? It has that girly aspect you want in a dress without losing the sexy woman trend we all look for as adults.

Trezzi Collection is a Toronto-based boutique with an authentic brand that reaches to all types of women.  As a Canadian, I love seeing my fellow Canadian women succeed in both their personal and business lives. I could not be more excited to team up with this brand on this reason alone.

FullSizeRender (35)

FullSizeRender (37)

FullSizeRender (36)
The dress I chose highlights my figure without feeling overly dressed or underdressed.

FullSizeRender (39)

FullSizeRender (38)
Shoes by @egoofficial

Trezzi Collection is showcasing their spring/summer collection and I can’t wait to get my hands on some their tops. Check them out on their Instagram page @trezzicollection and don’t forget to visit their website for more fashion inspiration and shopping… OF COURSE!!!!

Have an amazing week loves and as always thank you for stopping by.


Should Makeup Influence Your Self Confidence?


Hello and welcome back to The Selfish Column everyone. Hope all is going well this week for all of you. I want to discuss with you guys one of the most popular trends of 2016. Last year we saw a rise of the no makeup look all thanks to Alicia Keys. I have read so many articles praising this movement and also read some comments criticizing it. Based on my research, I found that women were stating how relieved they were to see a star such as Alicia Keys taking a stand. Many women felt free and understood others felt unbothered and criticized Alicia Keys (myself included) for this. The reason why I felt so unbothered is because I never took makeup and the concept of it to heart. In my 25 years of life, I never looked at makeup as a way to cover up imperfections, seeing that the era which I grew up in and my worldview of it were cultural and not an insecurity. My personal belief is that makeup should be fun just like any other things in life and confidence should come from within. I know I know we hear this all the time and for some people, this can be difficult. But trust me when I say this… there is value in being your own cheerleader and most importantly there is value in being YOU. At the end of the day, whether you wear something such as makeup to make you feel better or anti-aging cream to keep the skin youthful, we all must see a value within ourselves first. The reason why I feel so compelled to state this is because I have never looked at makeup as a major part of my life, truthfully I don’t know much about makeup. Just ask any of my friends about my makeup collection and they will tell you that it is SAD. I have been using the same technique since the ninth grade and my knowledge of my makeup believe it or not is sub par…. VERY LIMITED. Due to not focusing so much on this allowed me to feel free and find other ways to boost my confidence. I learned that my confidence comes from my ability to feel useful, to gain knowledge and be intelligent. I am such a workaholic that I find myself feeling low and down about myself if I’m not useful or working. The thought of being ignorant and not being able to contribute in discussions weighs heavier on me than whether I’m wearing makeup or not.


By now you should know where I am going with this. Having makeup will never change what’s on your mind, but it will always be a way to express yourself. I don’t see Loreal, Covergirl or Mac going out of business anytime soon. So do what makes you happy GIRL.  I am a girls girl, I love women and I think we are beyond powerful than what society portrays us to be.  We are not these simple creatures that paint our faces and pout our lips for pictures, I refuse to think we are that simple that we need a such a movement in our society.

I end this post by saying don’t sweat the small stuff. As women, we are part of a far greater purpose than to be concern about who is wearing makeup and who is not. Anyone can wear anything….. HECK we were clothes everyday right?  but it will never be what you wear or put on that leaves a lasting impression but rather how you express yourself. I would much rather see the world that is full of dedicated, hardworking, independent, thinking, knowledgeable women who wear makeup than the world that is so focused on tearing others down for putting makeup on.

If you made it this far thank you. If you are visiting for the first time thank you as well.

As mentioned on my Instagram page I will be giving away some goodies as a thank you for your support and love.


Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Roll on Perfume and Tom Ford Lipstick. I love the two products and thought I should share with one of you guys. Both women and men qualify.


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The New New & Postive Tips


Hi everyone, hope all is good. I wanted to come back and talk to you all about what’s been new with me this past couple of weeks. If you follow me on Instagram and Snapchat you probably have an idea of my schedule by now (work, work, work along with blog  prepping). This weekend had to be one the busiest weekend I had in a very long time.  My Saturday started with shooting new looks for the blog as well meeting some of my girls out for a birthday party later that evening. Sunday however, was a bit intense even for me, I woke up and headed to brunch with a friend, followed by taking more pictures, before heading to the mall. After the mall, I returned home for a breather before stepping out again for a blog collaboration meeting (which I am excited to share the details of in the next few weeks).  As you can see much of the weekend was spent working and perfecting my craft. But I did sneak in a last minute pizza date with the ladies to close the rest of Sunday off—–Who doesn’t love PIZZA?!!!

I want to close this blog post up by sharing some fun positive tips to get you through this last week of November—Lord knows I need all the positive vibes I can get this week. Check out the tips below courtesy of “The Happiness Project”.

Enjoy your week loves. xoxox

Five Positive Tip: 

  1. Work Smart
  2. Enjoy Now
  3. Take time to be silly
  4. Act more energetic (even when you don’t feel it)
  5. Ask for help (I struggle with this one all the time)


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Secrets Of Adulthood



Holding On to Summer

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Welcome back fellow “selfishers” (lol) see what I did there. Hope everyone had great Canadian Thanksgiving. A few of my gal pals and I had an amazing time celebrating our version of Thanksgiving, something I will discuss in the near future.

I wanted to come back to you all with one of my traditional style known as “The Lazy Girl Fashion”. By now it’s no surprise to many that I love minimal dressing that can transition easily throughout the day. This current look is something I put together with items already in my closet. For my girls that are on a budget such as myself, always remember to shop your closet before running out and spending your money. The Jeans you see on are from Garage (which I absolutely LOVE and adore by the way) have already made a feature on the blog this past summer. Let me know what you think of the look and enjoy your weekend everyone.






All Black And Strapped Up


Hello everyone and welcome back to The Selfish Column. I really hope everyone had a great weekend. I spent the weekend working on future blog posts and organizing my school life.

This week I am coming to you guys with a new look that I absolutely love! This outfit is giving me a sexy Morticia Addams vibe, and I’m here for ALL IT— Bring on the dark side.  I can wear this look to so many events without the feeling of outfit repeat hanging over me. The different pieces make for an easy style change with things you already have in your closet. This is something you can wear to a business event or a night out with the girls (of course the button have to be up for work events). I want you guys think business in the front and party in the back analogy, only this time the party is taking a front row seat with this eye catching bralette.

Let me know how you would incorporate these three pieces into your wardrobe.

As always the details are listed below. Like, share, and comment if you love this post.

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Outfit Details:

Top: Zara

Bralette: Express

Skirt: Aritzia

Heels: Aldo


5 Random Life Hacks For The Lazy Girl

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1. Open a separate email account for all your shopping needs.

Let’s be honest everyone wants a good deal while shopping, but sometimes that deal comes in an email form. It can be difficult to filter through your personal emails and all those daily emails from your fav brands. I’m not the one to miss out on a good deal —so one day I decided to open a separate account to provide to all my fav stores and brands while shopping.

2. Cooking in foil is an easy way to cook for one.

This is perfect for the person living on their own and is constantly on the go. Pick your choice of protein (beef, chicken or fish) add your fav veggies and let the oven do the rest.

3. Always keep a staple black pump in your car.

Last minute invitations to events can have you rushing home to change or cancelling due to time constraints. Having a pair of black pumps can change the status of your outfit from day to night without having to miss out.

4. Always keep a small amount of cash on you.

I know we live in the age of technology and plastic money, but it doesn’t hurt to have real cash on you. I tend to leave a small amount at home just in case I lose my wallet or need to get a taxi home. I know I’m thinking of the worst case scenario here, but it’s always better to think ahead.

5. Have a general cover letter saved in your email.

As young adults we often find ourselves in positions or jobs not related to our career path. The best way to ensure you are always ready for the next step is by having a BOMB cover letter highlighting your skills without overshadowing the purpose of your resume. Even the most simple position should always get a cover letter.


If you got this far I want to say thank you, let me know your thoughts on these hacks and and share some of yours in the comment sections.