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5 Random Life Hacks For The Lazy Girl

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1. Open a separate email account for all your shopping needs.

Let’s be honest everyone wants a good deal while shopping, but sometimes that deal comes in an email form. It can be difficult to filter through your personal emails and all those daily emails from your fav brands. I’m not the one to miss out on a good deal —so one day I decided to open a separate account to provide to all my fav stores and brands while shopping.

2. Cooking in foil is an easy way to cook for one.

This is perfect for the person living on their own and is constantly on the go. Pick your choice of protein (beef, chicken or fish) add your fav veggies and let the oven do the rest.

3. Always keep a staple black pump in your car.

Last minute invitations to events can have you rushing home to change or cancelling due to time constraints. Having a pair of black pumps can change the status of your outfit from day to night without having to miss out.

4. Always keep a small amount of cash on you.

I know we live in the age of technology and plastic money, but it doesn’t hurt to have real cash on you. I tend to leave a small amount at home just in case I lose my wallet or need to get a taxi home. I know I’m thinking of the worst case scenario here, but it’s always better to think ahead.

5. Have a general cover letter saved in your email.

As young adults we often find ourselves in positions or jobs not related to our career path. The best way to ensure you are always ready for the next step is by having a BOMB cover letter highlighting your skills without overshadowing the purpose of your resume. Even the most simple position should always get a cover letter.


If you got this far I want to say thank you, let me know your thoughts on these hacks and and share some of yours in the comment sections.


How To Say No….Without Saying No

Have you ever wanted to just look at someone and ask them how they got so self entailed for so long?  I have always believed that people will go as far as you let them. If you don’t believe me look around study some people in your life and how they move and act toward you.

The concept of saying no can sometime be difficult because many of us are faced with guilt and and fear afterwards. These feeling can sometime affect your family life, your work and professional life and even your personal life. If that becomes the case, we need to take a step back and reevaluate our decision making. When you think about it, we become so consumed with other people’s needs, likes, hobbies, schedule , you forget to fill your schedule with things you really need to do to benefit you and your future. NOW I’m not saying you should go around and be a complete A-Hole to those around you. By no means do I want you to give out No’s like Oprah gave out cars in her talk show (back in the days). But I do think you should ask yourself why you are always so quick to say yes in the first place. The answer could be that you don’t have a lot of things in your life keeping you busy, or maybe you haven’t really invested in some of your own interest. Whatever the reason might be, it is always important to look into your life and see what you need to be doing before you can commit to something you might regard later.

If saying no is something you are not ready to do or comfortable with, don’t you worry your little soul out. I have crafted my five approaches I use when I need to say now without actually Using N.O.

Check out the list below and let me know what your thoughts are on it.

As always have a great rest of the week everyone :).

Five Approaches to “How To Say No…Without Saying No”

  1. Make your availability less available.
  2. Find things that interest you (could be that you simply don’t have your own hobbies)
  3. Offer a date and time that is convenient to you. ( Take control of your time and schedule)
  4. Offer an alternative way to complete the task without you being a part of it.
  5. Say Nothing.  🙂



Five Things Every 20-Something Year Old Female Should Do

This year hasn’t even ended and I feel as if I have gone through such a tremendous transformation. Most of those changes are mainly mentally and psychologically, you know… (the personal stuff). There were a lot’s pep talks and late night thinking after my birthday regarding what I need to plan for the next few years. Truthfully I went through a phase where I felt so low about myself and not feeling good enough about my accomplishments thus far. But in true fashion of me and my theme for this blog I got myself out this funk REAL Quick. I started looking at what  I can do,  instead of what I should have been doing.  As most of you all know by now following this blog I love making lists, it helps me clear my mind make my ideas clear. Below are a list of 5 things  I feel every female in her 20s (doesn’t matter what stage they are in) should consider.

As always thank you for stopping by. I will see you guys all next week.


1. Make a Meeting With Your Bank/ Financial Adviser:

Single or not, us girls need to get our finances in order, don’t be the girl that needs saving  from a man or anyone else to be exact. Get real with your savings. I think there is something damaging about all the work pervious women have done to get equal rights when I  hear another woman speak about a man as a walking a bank account.

2. Declutter your life/ Mainly Your Closet:

You wouldn’t believe the things I found in my closet after I started going through it. I had so many things I was holding on to from High school— I actually took stuff from my parent’s home and moved them across the country with me. Believe it or not I found jeans I bought in grade school in there. I mean I’m proud that it still fits, but also shows the amount of evolving I made since then. Sad when you think about it that way huh? … lol.

3. Take Trip By Yourself…For yourself:

Let’s not forget that we were born with our own two eyes. It’s only fair we put them to use while we can. How you  feel is not always how another person feels, same goes for what you see. I am always envious of those that constantly travel for work alone. They are forced to explore and learn about the places they are at.

4. Never stop Educating Yourself:

Whatever field you’re in or plan to get in, always educate yourself outside the classroom. It never hurt’s to learn about something you never heard about before. I think there is something powerful about bringing something different to the table.Knowledge is sexy and should NEVER be slept on. Check out your local bookstore next time you’re out. This blog idea actually came from a book I randomly picked up at bookstore three years ago.

5.  Start Using a Day Planner:

Let’s get real, some of us have that one day planner that looks cute but never have been used. We get so excited when the beginning of the year comes around and we buy day planners either for work or school only to realize that half way through the year it has not been used. Trust me, I was guilty of this too, it wasn’t until March (around my birthday) I became serious about this. I am all over the place —and if you’re like me open that day planner ASAP.



Reasons Why Buying Yourself Gifts Works

This whole year I decided I would buy  myself a gift each month. These gifts can come in the forms of food ( cause food is life), travelling, shoes, household items, clothes, and of course books.

The benefit of buying your own gifts is that you always get what you want. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy receiving gifts, but there is something about working hard for something that is goddamn rewarding. I plan to not hold back and go all out for myself this year. Lets be honest, our birthdays comes once a year and there is no need to wait a whole year to have something you want or quite frankly need.  Think of the burden you put on those around you and the expectation you place on them. Unless the conversation was had before hand, there is no need for a grown person with a job to expect their friends and family to buy them something all the time. Notice I said EXPECT. We can not assume that the budget for ourselves is what everyone is working with. We are only responsible for our wants and need,  and that’s a fact.

Fun Reason Why Buying Yourself Gifts Works:

  1.  You always get what you want
  2.  You never have to wait for it; and if you do the wait can be so damn fulfilling
  3.  You can always return it without offending anyone
  4.  You can actually re-gift (guilt free) and you wont get caught (lol)
  5.  Cause you are allowed to treat yourself.

5 Activites You Should Try Doing Alone

Recently I went to dinner alone and trust me, this was not something planned. This casual date night came after a long weekend of work and cleaning. I was craving Beef Carpaccio and searched high and low for someone to come with me. My one friend, who is usually down for the cause, left to “Vancity” and was having the time of her life. After searching high and low with no hope, I almost made myself dinner at home. I know, I know………. the tragedy that a woman in her mid 20s wants to cook. Yeah, I snapped out of that real quick lol (insert sarcasm here), and decided that I’m gonna take myself to this dinner alone. This craving was not going to waste, BELIEVE YOU ME. I decided to put my heels on, ooooh yes I put heels, and took a spot in the dining room section of the restaurant. The evening started off with an espresso Martini, then I followed it with water before it ended with a beer. I went all out for myself, because Mr. Perry taught me I can do bad all by myself.

After you get over the initial questions from the hostess and server about why you’re at their restaurant and if you’re waiting for someone and the petty encouragement party they give you, things turn up from there. If I got a dollar for every comment about how great this idea was and how everyone should do this, my meal would have paid for itself. Never the less, although the evening wasn’t planned, it turned out to be one of those moments us girls needed. During dinner I was able to reflect on a lot of things I been doing for work as well as took some time to work on my blog post. If I can use one word to describe how the night went, I would most definitely use, “Inspired”. I left with so my ideas for my blog and future endeavors that I stayed up and wrote all night.



Aviary Photo_131095291926076392

Aviary Photo_131095293093482252

Below I listed 5 fun things you can enjoy all alone. As always, thank you and see you all next week with a new post.

  1. Coffee Date:
    The benefit of doing something like this is that you can actually get yourself organized. Bring your calendar and notepad and catch up on your schedule and future plans.
  2. Gym Time:
    Listen here, were getting to old to be having people holding our hand through life. Everyone has their own fitness goals and usually it’s a personal one. The great part about this is, you can time manage yourself better without working on someone else time. Personally, I don’t think anyone will ever know my fitness goal of trying to get that “01” Beyonce body. (low key the one in the survivor video). lol
  3. Shopping:
    You know how quickly mall anger can occur, please save your relationships and go by yourself. I personally don’t think shopping is meant as a group outing, you’re always going to buy the opposite of what your friends suggest anyways. At least that’s how I make my decisions. I am also a petty person, I sometime disagree for fun. Save your friendships and “momships”, and go alone once in a while.
  4. Dinner:
    Because food is life, and I will never debate this. After my dinner alone, I felt liberated and also quite amused as to how nice the serving staff was to me. They thought I was this super woman and that it was cool that someone can enjoy their own company. What I found most interesting is that I was able to really enjoy the food as well as critique it without feeling like I was in an eating contest so that I can finish my conversation with the person sitting across from me.
  5. Sleep:
    As much as we love sleeping next to our significant others, or share beds during our girl trips, once in a while is great to have space to yourself. We all need a night where we can hog the blanket and just let loose.


7 Benefits of Being Selfish

I know what most of you are all thinking, whaaaaaat?,there is benefits to being selfish? No way!!!!!!, what can you possibly  get out of thinking about yourself without hurting those around you. My philosophy in life has always been, “you are no good to anyone if you are no good to yourself”. As young adults  I find that we take on too much, such as family responsibilities, social commitments, school activities, and even work. What ends up happening is we burn ourselves out….. well at least that’s what I realized for myself. I realized that this pedestal that I was trying to build for myself now, was falling apart and those around me were not benefiting from me. I came to terms that I wanted not only to be great now but I wanted to be great later on for those I care for.

I become the craftsman in my life and take the tools to build this pedestal so that it’s not only strong enough to hold me but to hold those I care for. I started to implement a system in which I would work on myself while helping others. For example, every time someone asked me for help with something, I would look and see if I’m struggling in that same area as well ( It can be a simple as helping them organized their house for spring cleaning). Because remember, “you are no good to anyone if you are no good to yourself”.Most of us are quick to say yes to someone’s request,but I am here to let you know there is no shame in saying NO that quickly as well. Below is my list of the seven benefit I found in being selfish in the past couple of months.

  • You Become More Organized:

Because when you stop worrying about someone’s else mess, you begin to notice your own.

  • You Save Money:

This is simple. Since you’re not out as often, you tend to leave your money where it needs to be and spend it on things you really need or EVEN want. ….(side note)….Stop keeping up with the Jones’ cause they don’t even know.

  • You Accomplish Your Goals Quicker:

Once a part of that pedestal of yours is done, you tend to want to move on to the next step. Let’s be honest, who wants to stay at the bronze stepping stool forever. Aim for silver while keeping your eyes on the gold.

  • You Break Bad Habits Quicker:

You now have more time to analyze all those little quirks and habits you haven’t been able to attend to. This could be giving yourself an earlier bedtime so that you are well rested for your days ahead. Remember we are not robots, any habits whether good or bad will start to show in our psyche, body, and soul.

  • You Allow New Experience In:

Due to the time you have given yourself, you may learn that an aspect of your interest has changed, but don’t be alarmed!!!! it just means that you’re are human and you’re evolving.

  • You Become Self Aware:

With self awareness you become self accepting; there is no business like your business.

  • You Learn To Say NO:

Because saying YES is still an option, but NO might be what you need today to build that pedestal for a better YES.

I really hope you enjoyed reading this article as much as I did writing it.  If you have any questions, comments, and or ideas regarding this topic please leave me a comment. I love learning from others.  As well as if you have anything to add  I would love to hear from you; you never know who you can help.

Wine & Cheese

I want to apologize for posting this a bit late for the weekend, but you know sometime this thing called life gets in the way of LITERALLY EVERYTHING.

With that being said, I did managed to complete my cheese board and eat it of course with a friend this weekend. What I enjoy most about wine is that you can have it on your own guilt free and with other in any settings. Cheese and wine night can be done at home when you want to relax and read a book. I personally love having my alone time, so once in a while I make myself a small cheese board to go with my mood. For this first post I decided to use my favorite wine that was introduced to me by my work place this past year. This wine opens up so well that you cant help but to love it. I’m not going to say that I know everything about wine, but what I will say is that I love drinking it damn it (lol).

Enjoy the pics and hope you get inspired by the board I created.





The ingredient;

Wine: Louis Martini, Cabernet Sauvignon , Napa Vally





Goat Cheese



Prosciutto Jambon Ham

Kettle Cooked Lime and Chili


Grapes (Used red this time but i love my green ones)

Wine Decanter



Your 20’s

“If I see something I like and someone else has it, that means it’s attainable”

At the age of sixteen I remember telling myself, I can’t wait until I turn 21.  At that time 21 was age to be, I had all these dreams and goals I thought would be in the palm of my hand by the time. I remember vividly wanting my motor cycle license; kept telling myself I needed to get this by this age so that when I travel the world I’m able to use any form of transportation that particular country had. Mostly I was dreaming of the roads in Italy and all those small but historical European  countries (You know the one from all the cute Hilary Duff movies).  Along with many more, I had the dream I’ll be completed with post secondary, starting my career, doing things that all these adults were doing.  But… Something hit, I turned 21, and I haven’t completed much on my list, I mean I did the whole schooling thing, but something changed I wanted more from school, from learning, and more importantly from me. My view and the things I used to valued changed. (and not to mention partying and clubbing became part being this age).

Now at the age of 24, I learn that being in your twenties is something that cannot be understood but rather experienced.  Although I did graduate one part of post secondary and worked in my field for a bit, I still didn’t feel like I had this wonderful adult career I used to talk about. Instead I found myself and still find myself, juggling my social life, school, work, money, boyfriend, partying and lack of sleep (All in one day sometime might I add lmfaoo).  Waking up early,  having to be in school,  then work which then follows with meeting with your friends- —I realized then your twenties are about being dysfunctional, wild, living, losing, winning,  be a friend, being a family member, and networking; all while adjusting to everything around you. Twenties are unpredictable, questionable, heartbreaking and all things adventurous, even if its within your on city.  SOOOOOOOOOOOO next time you get that little thought about how messy your life is in your early twenties, give it the middle finger and go do something nice for yourself, enjoy the fuckery now, because hard word always pays off.

Meyah. W (S.C)