Tru Aesthetica- Vitamin Infusion Skin Treatment

Hello everyone and welcome back to The Selfish Column. If this is your first time here, thank you for stopping by. This week I wanted to come to you and speak more about my skincare and discuss some of the treatments I have done in the month of October.

In the beginning of October I visited Tru Aesthetica here in Calgary for a little skin love. The Technician who I worked with made the process so much fun and informative. After discussing my skin concerns with her, she suggested that I try the Environ Vitamin Infusion Facial. Before I speak on this treatment, I think is best I provide you guys with my skin concerns so that you can get a better context of why chose this treatment.

Vitamin A provides so many great benefits to the skin, such as healthy skin cells, fighting acne, anti-aging, and even skin tone.

As I have mentioned before I live in Calgary, which happens to be a super dry climate; great for hairstyling but awful for the skin. If you are not the type to stay hydrated or moisturized, your skin can freakout on you. I complain about my oily t-zone quite often, but despite all of that I still prefer having a dewy skin over dry skin any day. Since the weather is dry all year round here, my skin can sometime feel, ashy, or dehydrated. I asked (Tammie) the skin technician if she can bring the glow, youthfulness and life back to my face.

Vitamin C is found in your outer layer and in the inner layer of your skin. Keeping up with your vitamin C intake helps with providing beautiful healthy skin. This is due to the fact collagen productions stem from vitamin C.

As per her suggestions she decided to create tailored treatment for my skin using Environ Vitamin Infusion A, C, and E. Along with the selected vitamins, she also used specialized serums, witch hazel, and tea-tree ingredient to help with delivering the maximum result. If you click on the video you can watch Tammie discuss the type of products she used on my skin.

After the treatment my skin felt plumped, radiant, hydrated and refreshed. I decided to let the treatment settle in before wearing any makeup, this meant going to work makeup free. To my surprise, people noticed how nourished my skin looked and I received lots of compliments on it. To me, that is the ultimate skin goal.

Vitamin E is vital in fighting skin damage caused by the sun and assists with preventing darks spots and wrinkles.

Thank you for getting this far on the blog post. If you have any questions about this treatment or would like to book an appointment with Tru Aesthetica please click on link or visit their Instagram page. They currently have 30% off on first time consultation/treatment.

Hope you enjoyed this article, until next time Selfish Readers.


Lipstick Colours for Fall- Rouge Xpression Collection- Marcelle Cosmetic

Hello everyone and welcome back to The Selfish Column. If this is your first time here, welcome and hope you like what you see. This week I wanted to come by and show you some of my current lipsticks colours that are perfect for the season.  As a girl who love dressing up and putting outfits together, I never feel complete until my lips are “poppin”. I truly believe a good lipstick can change the vibe of a look and tie everything together. These lipsticks are great for the fall/winter season because they are creamy, non-sticky and moisturizing. If you want your lips to stay luscious, juicy and yummy this season, I would highly recommend giving these beauties a try. Did I mention the lipsticks are affordable for the everyday girl or guy? For only $11.95 CAD you can’t go wrong!!! 

So, without further or do, scroll down and checkout my top FAV for this season from the Rouge Xpression Collection.

Vivid Plum
This Colour is called Vivid Plum– it is a luscious purple with the some pink undertone. Perfect for a Sunday brunch date.
Buff Nude
This colour is called Buff Nude. I Iove me a good nude colour- if you’re always on the go, having nude lipstick in your collection is a must.
This colour is called Sparkling Champagne. I adore the futuristic vibe this colour gives. 

My lips are naturally full, so I have to be careful with kind of products I put on them. If products don’t settle on my lips properly or get too dry, it can be noticeable from a mile away. With that being said, thanks Marcelle Cosmetic for looking out for your girl. 

If you have any questions about this post, feel free to leave me a comment below.  As always, thank you for getting this far on the blog.

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Drugstore Skincare Products -My Morning Routine



Hello everyone and welcome back to The Selfish Column. Thank you for stopping by to the new and revamped Selfish Column, and if this is your first time here welcome, welcome, WELCOME!!! Hope you’re liking what you see so far. As I write this article the snow is falling outside and I am sipping on a warm cup of Bailey’s and coffee. Calgary never fails to amaze me with the early snow falls each year. But were not here to talk about the weather are we? I am not here to provide you with the generic get me out of here type of conversation. Cause for one I like you and would love for you to stay.

Today’s topic is all about skincare and primarily my morning skincare routine. Mornings are usually the toughest for me, I can never get my “ish” together most days of the week. I have become a professional with my nighttime routine so it is only fair I give the mornings a little love. When it comes to mornings, I am always looking for something that is effective, quick and easy. Something that does the job without it having to take to much of my time. More importantly something that is affordable, consistent and attainable.


Aveeno: Cream Cleanser with Salicylic Acid

Aveeno: Cream Cleanser with Salicylic Acid
I find myself reaching for this cleanser for both morning and night. The consistency and richness of this cleanser gets deep into your skin and takes off all the unnecessary dirt. If you are a person that is looking for something to help with skin tone and texture I would recommend trying this bad boy out. This cleanser also has salicylic acid in the ingredients which helps with acne, whitehead, blackhead, and pores. If you are a person that struggle with any of those mentioned above, finding products with salicylic acid as component is a great start.


Aveeno: Positively Radiant Exfoliator

The reason why I use this exfoliating scrub in the morning is because of its brightening effect. Nothing is worst than waking up in the morning and having that dull skin look… especially in the winter months. I live in one of the driest city in Canada, and let me tell you it doesn’t matter what you do, you can’t avoid it. This scrub also helps with skin tone and texture for those that struggle with achieving even skin. The added soy extract give the exfoliator a gentle formula that makes it great for everyday use.  Soy is one those natural plant that has antioxidant and helps with problems such as uneven tone in the skin.


Aveeno: Positively Radiant Toner

I first fell in love with this toner after a friend recommended to me years ago. This toner bring the life back to my skin and makes it feel fresh and youthful after one swap. The toner has soy extract which assist in providing antioxidant and moisture to the skin. This product is alcohol free, oil free, non-comedogenic, and hypoallergenic. This toner along with accompanying cleanser and daily scrub exfoliating is the perfect combination for brightening and giving you radiant skin for the morning.


L’Oreal: Hydro-Genius Moisturizer

The last product is of course a daily moisturizer. Aside from your SPF and sunscreen regimen, its also important to have a daily moisturizer for your specific skin type. I have oily to normal skin and my problem area is most definitely the T-Zone. My nose is the first to get oily and this can be super frustrating when your wearing makeup. Finding products that can target my oily problem is very important. The Hydro-Genius Moisturizer is gentle, hydrating, and perfect for the everyday use. The line provides a moisturizer for oily skin and dry skin types. I love the hydration it brings to my skin!!!

Thank you for getting this far on The Selfish Column. I hope you enjoyed this post and found it informative. Let me know your thoughts regarding the products I use on the comment sections. If you have any questions feel free to ask away, I love chatting with you all. Until next time selfish readers.


Simple Date Night Outfit – Spring 2019

Hello everyone and welcome back to The Selfish Column. I hope the month of May brought more flowers than showers. I am here in Calgary trying to figure out what to wear each day to fit the weather…(only Calgarians understand this struggle SMH). Gear up for June though, cause it’s pretty much here which means its halfway through the year. Reevaluate those goals if need be or pat yourself on the shoulder if the checklist is getting smaller.

Now, let’s get to this month’s topic!!!

This post is all about a cute simple date night outfit made with things that you can find in your closet or in the mall this season. As many of you know I’m a huge foodie and wine person, so going out and trying new things is one of my favourite activities. The outfit I put together is accessible and can be found at any of your local retailers.  All tags and links are provided on the photos. Just click the photo and it will take you directly to the site.

H&M Canada Black Skinny High Jeans 

Zara Canada Printed Shirt. Mixed print. Wrap closure with self-tie. 
Zara Canada High Heel Mules With Methacryla 

Medium Watches The Debut Black/ Gold Mesh (currently on sale)

To achieve my makeup look I shared a few of the basics below. Links are also available.

Primer: Fenty Pro FILT’R

Concealer: LA Girl Pro Concealer- In the Colour Fawn

Foundation: MAC Studio Fix Fluid SPF – In Colour NC55

Contour/Highlighter: NYX 3 Step to Sculpt Face Sculpting Palette- In Deep Tone

Lip Colour: NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream – In The Colour Kitten Heels.

Eyeshadow: Sephora Pro Editorial 2.0 Palette

Eye Lashes: Ardell 103 Black

Hair: Conair Canada Tourmaline Ceramic 1-Inch To Curling Wand

Hope you enjoy the look and find it simple but yet stylish. As always thank you for getting this far on the blog. Until next time selfish readers.


My Experience With Conair Digital Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron Hair Straightener

Hello everyone!!! Welcome back to The Selfish Column. Spring is finally here!!! I thought why not kick off the month of May with the latest hairstyling product that’s new to the market and super easy to use.  

As a girl who wears wigs and hair extensions often, I tend to get a little protective of my investments. I want to ensure the longevity of my wigs and extensions with limited damage. So, I have decided to add the Conair, 1” LCD Touch Screen Digital Tourmaline Ceramic Straightener into my get ready routine. Since 6 AM is my wakeup call *sigh* I need all the sleep I can get, and this straightener has saved me so much time in the last week.  

• New SMARTSCREEN Digital Touch Display

My relationship with Conair started when I was a young girl searching for my style identity. I remember being thirteen years old and looking for an affordable curler and straightener that would make my mother’s budget happy. Conair was the perfect brand at the time and their products stood the test of time in my household. As a consumer, I am always looking for longevity and quality when spending my money. I have flat irons and hair straighteners from Conair that have lasted almost a decade in my collection.   

Let’s talk about tourmaline ceramic and how it affects hair and hairstyling. Tourmaline prevents static and reduces frizz for silky and shiny hair. Three days after straightening the hair, it was still able to maintain the same style with little to no upkeep. Also, if you have watched my recent Instagram Stories you would have come across a post of me discussing that same result.   

The design also has a clip at the back to close the Straightener when you’re not using it. How GREAT IS THAT?!!!! 

• 9 precision digital heat settings

After reading this and or watching the video on my Instagram page @nancynywala, what are your thoughts on the new Tourmalines Ceramic hair straightener? Do you see yourself adding this to your collection? If so, what are some styling tips you can share? Leave your ideas in the comment section.   

As always thank you for getting this far on The Selfish Column.